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Dr. Tamara Strouth - flower - TTAC.png

Dr. Tamara Strouth

Doctor of Dental Surgery


Leonardtown, MD
(now lives in Lusby, MD)


Being a Cheer Mom
Living fully

Areas of Focus:

Early Guided Growth
Sleep Disordered Breathing

Favorite Quote:

"Life is not measured by the number of breaths we take,

but by the number of moments that take our breath away."

                                                                 - Maya Angelou

About Dr. Strouth

After practicing general dentistry for 24 years, Dr. Strouth opened her second location for Airway Dentistry in Leonardtown. Tongue Tie & Airway Center (TTAC) is dedicated to helping infants, children and adults with tethered oral tissues and sleep disordered breathing. Carrie and Dr. Strouth have been practicing together for their entire careers, both deeply passionate about early guided growth for children, myofunctional therapy and proper diagnosis and treatment of tongue ties. TTAC is a wellness collaborative partnering with Milky Moms and Harbor Bay Chiropractic so that infants and mamas can be cared for in one location and a mother’s instincts are validated. Dr. Strouth provides functional assessments based on research and years of education and experience. 

Dr. Strouth is a native of Leonardtown and moved back to Maryland after attending UNC at Chapel Hill School of Dentistry. Over the past two decades, she has attended the Pankey Institute, was a faculty study club member for the Spear Institute, completed numerous residencies with Airway Health Solutions, is a graduate of the Tongue Tie Academy and the MyoMentor program, and she is an affiliate with The Breathe Institute and has learned directly from the pioneers in infant, child and adult tongue tie releases. 

Dr. Strouth currently lives in Southern Maryland with her husband and daughter (and her Australian Labradoodle Skylar). She enjoys spending time with her family, traveling and checking off her bucket list. 


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